The Battle of Chancellorsville was a pivotal battle of the American Civil War, and is recognized as the Virginia’s bloodiest battlefield. There were 30,764 total casualties and loses and approximately 3,418 Union and Confederate troops were killed on the battlefield at Chancellorsville. The battle took place in Spotsylvania County, Virginia just outside of the Fredericksburg area, from April 27th – May 6th, 1863. The conflict was the primary face off the Chancellorsville Campaign, which included the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Battle of The Wilderness.It is often referred to as “Lee’s Perfect Battle,” as it is remembered for the brilliant military tactics and maneuvers used by Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson against the Union Army of the Potomac under General Joseph Hooker. Chancellorsville is also well known because it is the battle in which “Stonewall” Jackson was mistakenly shot at by fellow Confederate troops, a wound that would take his arm and later his life. The Battle of Chancellorsville was an overwhelming defeat for the Union and a huge victory for the Confederates.



Casualties & Loses: Battle of Chancellorsville, April 30th – May 6th, 1863



The Union’s strength was at 97,382 strong, while the Confederates supplied nearly little more than half with 57,352. As was a common theme in Civil War battles, the Confederates came into battle outnumbered but out maneuvered and out strategized the Union forces. Lee and Jackson once again were able to take advantage of poor Union command. The Battle of Chancellorsville has the highest number of deaths of any other battlefield in Virginia, which was the primary fighting ground of the Civil War. The graph shows the total casualties and loses of both sides of the battle, comparing the specifics between death tolls, wounded, and missing and captured soldiers.

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