Project Plank Road


Project Plank Road gets its titleĀ from the name of the road that runs through Chancellorsville Battlefield, Plank Rd. The graph here shows that although the Battle of Chancellorsville is the bloodiest battlefield in the state of Virginia, and one of the most important battles of the American Civil War, the Battle of Manassas is much more well known, even by Virginia natives. Chancellorsville was not only the deadliest Virginia battle, but also a perfect example of the full might and threat of the Confederate Army, and resulted in the mortal wounding of one of the South’s greatest military leaders, “Stonewall” Jackson.

Site Sustainability

The future for this project will be to expand and to incorporate trips to other battlefields in Virginia. I have already done a trip to Old Town Alexandria to look at the former slave market and Freedom House, and I want to establish a following for a Historical Sites SnapChat account. Over the course of this semester, I’ve gone to numerous sites of historical significance for my classes, and recorded short videos with interesting commentary and short text facts. I have received a lot of good feedback from people who watch these videos, they become intrigued by the short concise video and want to go see things for themselves. I would like to usedĀ this web outlet to pursue that.